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KEPBER Smart data center is integrates cabinets, power supply and distribution system, cooling system, monitoring system, cabling system. As an All-In-One solution, smart data center features quick deployment, energy Efficiency, smart management, safety and reliability.



Safety and Reliability

·  N+1/2N redundant design. The continuous power supply with back up battary guarantees stable IT equipment opreation.

·  Multi-stage automatic alarm function. Real-time system condition monitoring.

·  Containment top panel can be opened by the fire system


Smart management

·  Centralized monitoring platform makes us know the data center environment, power and temperature & humidity status in real-time.

·  Powerful reporting capabilities.

·  365 days 7x24-hour unattended, remote monitoring. Minimize IT operation and maintenance costs.


·  Sealing hot or cold ventilation channels, greatly reduced the energy consumption.

·  Inrow air conditioning close to heat source delivering air flow accurately to where desired.

·  Efficient modular UPS.

·  High density. A single cabinet supports a maximum 15 kW  to meets various customer requirements. 


Quick Deployment

·  Full integration of IT cabinet, UPS, battary, power distribution and precision  cooling system.

·  Modular components following international standards are quick to play within 7 days and greatly shorten the business on line cycle.

·  Can be installed on a concrete floor, which greatly simplifies the corresponding engineering tasks. in Cabinet consists of

      1. Precision air cooling

      2. UPS system

      3. Fire suppression

      4. Environment monitoring system

      5. Power distribution unit

      6. Security system

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