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RICHCOMM, Battery as a core component of UPS, which will direct influence the devices operation in computer rooms. So how to real time control and manage UPS battery, and real time understand its discharge time and attenuation ratio would be so much important. Batt Manager supports battery detection of its voltage, current, temperature; it can accurately report the attenuation ratio of battery capacity, predict discharge time, discharge surplus backup time, regular charge/discharge promote etc.Batt manager greatly help users to grasp the accordance battery status and data so that users can use efficient measures in time. It increase work reliability of battery, extend battery life and also make full use of the power supply capacity of battery.


  • Online monitoring of battery resistance;

  • Wireless detection module for single battery;

  • Support multiple alarm ways like SMS, E-mail, sound-light etc;

  • Monitor voltage, temperature and resistance of single battery;

  • Automatically calculate of battery remaining discharging time;

  • Detection of battery pack voltage, current and attenuation ratio;

  • Monitor UPS and data center environment.

  • Built-in WEB server to achieve HTTP access;

  • Real-time monitoring for battery operation to get early warning for failure, and support battery failure detection and battery pack management;

  • Advanced mathematical algorithm to provide accurate information for battery operation;

  • Modular design, the host can be separate operated as a platform of battery operation maintenance and management;

  • Battery detection intelligent terminal(WBDIT) adopts unit-bus mode, with its easy construction and high reliability can monitor hundreds of batteries;

  • Max support 240 batteries(2V/6V/12V)monitoring, for 1-6 packs;

  • Distributed design, WBDIT unit-bus support the distance from host reach a length of 75M;

  • Support SMS, Email alarm;

  • Smart self-learning function;

  • Report the charging percentage of battery pack;

  • Report the attenuation ratio of battery pack;

  • Report the backup discharge time of battery pack;

  • Support to use RS-232 port to handle parameter configuration or program upgrade for the host, also support to remote configuration or upgrade via network card. The RS-232 port will auto off when plug-in network card;

  • Support to use RS-485 port to query the running status of battery pack, at the same time support remote query by network card, the RS 485 of host will auto off when plug-in network card;

  • Support to connect 6 channels of WBDIT( battery detection intelligent terminal) and every channel can connect up to 40

  • WBDIT, total up to 240;

  • Support alarm battery battery detection;

  • Support to detect voltage, current, temperature and resistance of each battery;

  • Support SNMP management function.

  • Support UPS & Environment monitor (temperature and humidity,smoke sensor,water leakage,etc.)

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