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DATA CENTER Raised floor

Server Rooms require the ability to effectively distribute power to racks, data cables, and cooling (i.e. air, water, coolant). Therefore, Server Room designers need to consider how best to distribute these services throughout the server room while also considering how best to address future requirements such as growth, increased demand for data distribution, and technological advances in cooling approaches. Raised access flooring is generally used to provide both a place for the quantity of power and communications cable necessary to a data center, and a plenum to convey cool air to the cabinets. But in order to be useful for either, it needs to be high enough. Depending on data center size, and the amount of equipment that needs to be cooled, a raised floor in today's world should be at least 18-inches high, preferably 24 -- 30 inches, to hold the necessary cable bundles without impeding the high volumes of air flow needed to cool modern technology. Few buildings can accommodate those heights unless they have been specifically built as data centers.

FlorTEK has over 40 years experience in raised floors, more than 10 million sq m installed worldwide and and is able to offer enhanced knowledge and bespoke solutions to clients.

      1.  Steel cement Fill type

      2.  Wood core type

      3.  Aluminium plate type

      4.  Calcium sulphate type

Perforated raised floor

FlorTEK perforated raised floor ,Modern Data center down flow type computer room air conditioner is used. Down flow type computer room air conditioner discharge cold air from bottom which thrown with pressure below raised floor. Perforated tiles provided outlets for this cold air through fissures or hols carved in it. Since size of perforated tile is same as standard raised floor panel, it can placed in place of any raised floor tile on raised floor grid. Hence perforated raised floor help to divert cold air to targeted area and helps to manage heat load. Perforated raised floor tiles are generally place in front of server rack so that cold aisle should be form. Size and number of fissures on perforated tiles determine amount of cold air it will discharge. Perforated raised floor can be designed to discharge air flow from 17% to 65%.  With increase in air flow discharge percentage, strength of perforated floor tiles get reduced. Perforated tiles are made from steel and can have same surfaces as that of solid tiles.



KEPBER Air booster , Variable air flow EC fan air directly to the thermal load of the Cabinet, provide a real-time response according to the sensor monitoring device installed in cabinets. With the assistance modules, providing the refon plan for raised access floor. For high-density rack without investing a lot of money for the use of ground facilities renovation.
Provide intelligent air flow, matching intelligent and efficient EC fan, Swiss inlet temperature sensor, accurate to the speed 1 rpm. To achieve the most accurate air, In ensuring optional sever operating conditions to maximize energy savings. 

Application for Air Booster

When the temperature reaches the set temperature of the Cabinet, EC fan starts but does not run at full speed. When the sensor detects the temperature reaches the fan's full speed, the fan runs at full speed. In the middle course, fan speed as per the temperature. To achieve the goal of precision air distribution and energy saving. Also, alarm temperature can be set, fire linkage function can be realized.


AIR guard

KEPBER Air guard, Data centers require large amounts of cool air to maintain optimal temperature to keep servers functioning properly. Cool air migration or leakage through cable openings in data center floors bypassing servers can lead to a drastic inefficient use of cool air and wasted energy dollars. Research on the effectiveness of brushed grommets in reducing bypass airflow within raised floor data centers found that Air-Guard brushed grommets reduced bypass airflow by over 97%.  With the installation of Air-Guard brush grommets, an immediate energy savings benefit is realized. These products significantly minimize cool air loss, while improving static air pressure to cool data center equipment, helping to prevent expensive electrical equipment from overheating.  

Air-Guard floor grommets are a simple inexpensive solution to promote more efficient cooling of your data center.  


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