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Early warning of an imminent fire condition by employing a High Sensitivity Smoke Detection system (HSSD) may provide sufficient early warning that prompt investigation, action and control can be implemented prior to serious damage. 

Why Use HSSD?

Early action may avoid the general fire alarm in a building activating – how much time and cost is lost through persons standing out on the street whilst the fire alarm is investigated and persons allowed to re-enter the building to continue their work?  It can avoid possible shutdown of air con controlling the Server Room with possible overheat and loss of Server function.


Model : SafeASD  lowest costs and better protection )

SafeASD is the next generation in earlier warning aspirating smoke detection systems. Now aspirating detection can offer earlier detection at an affordable price. SafeASD utilizes a powerful aspirator to draw air back from the environment to a highly sensitive light scattering optical sensor via a supervised air sampling pipe network. SafeASD takes the place of conventional smoke detectors. SafeASD’s active approach to smoke detection is continually searching for earlier signs of smoke instead of passively waiting for smoke to rise to a detector, This gives you more time to react to an alarm.

Installation is easy and commissioning even easier. SafeASD’s “Auto” Commissioning feature, advanced “Frequency” Flow Supervision and “Full Feature” product supervision eliminates the need for laptops and complicated programming equipment. SafeASD’s combination of earlier active detection, ease of installation and single point service can provide the lowest costs and better protection for your business


Model : The Pro series  High performance and Flexibility )

The Pro series Mini™ is anearly warning, hybrid fire detector Features engineered for smaller areas up to10,000 sqft., and is ideal for localized or in-cabinet detection. It can identify a fire long before any smoke. By utilizing new CCD™ (Cloud Chamber Detection) technology, the Pro series ™is not affected by high air flows, dirt, dust,vibration, humidity variations or extreme temperatures, thereby making it immune to the false alarms which are normally associated with other detection systems. The Pro series™ detector features full spectrum sensitivity, from 0.0000% - 100% obs/ft, and offers 210,000 possible sensitivity settings. The Pro series™ also incorporates AlgoTech™ software allowing each of the four alarm indications to be set to the sensitivities of a normal spot, laser or cloud chamber detector. 

What is CCD™ Technology?

CCD™ is the combination of new microprocessor controlled electronics, dynamic high power optics and complex algorithms implemented into an already proven and reliable method of early warning fire detection. These advancements in air sampling technology have set a new standard by offering better detection and more features than previously possible at a lower cost. Detecting the invisible particulate (.0025µm) created by thermal degradation, in the true incipient or overheating stage of a fire, provides the absolute earliest warning possible of an impending fire threat. Unlike other early warning air sampling detectors which rely on smoke to interact with a light source, CCD™ analyzes the air sample for combustion particulate that are well below the wavelength of light, invisible, and weightless; not dirt, dust or other airborne contaminants which cause false alarms in other detectors. The ProSeries™ line of detectors, with CCD™, allow each alarm indication to be set tothe sensitivities of a normal spot, laser or cloud chamber detector, making it the most versatile system on the market.

    1. Pro 100 mini

    2. Pro 200

    3. Pro 400

    4. Pro X4


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