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   Branch Circuit Power Management   

PILOT Branch Circuit Power Management have completed function , Easy to operate, Reach to visual , Accuracy management for power distribution of data center. Make sure data center running with safety and reliability.

PMAC201 BCPM Include 
1、Main Module: Connect two incoming, and three group CT outgoing
2、CT Module: Integrating measure outgoing circuit, Max. 21 channels
3、Status Input Module: Integrating measure status input, Max. 21 channels each group

4、Display Module: 7 inch touch screen LCD, display each server RMS and setting all kind of parameters 5、Communication Unit: Used for data collection and upload


1、Small size, one unit can monitor total 65 circuit
2、Saving cost, saving space
3、High reliability
4、Module design: Main module, CT module, DI module, HMI
5、It can monitor harmonic, demand, neutral current

6、CT measuring accuracy: Class 0.2
7、Two kind of alarm methods: Voice and LED
8、Max. record 5000 events
9、Memory: 128M


1、2 incoming circuit and Max. 63 outgoing circuit electrical parameter measuringand analysis
2、DI/DO status monitoring
3、Two lever alarm information for U, I abnormal
4、Power load analysis monitoring and pre-alarm

5、Standard 7’’ HMI display data and schematic wiring, East to operate
6、Select strip 1, 2 or 3 CT based on outgoing circuit
7、Event log: Record Max. 5000 events
8、Support RS485, MODBUS communication port.

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