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Model : POWER LINE-LG Series


It is a Hipower diesel generator sets and low-voltage switchgear assemblies and full range of services including the unit instillation, full-automatic distribution, generator room  environmental engineering, unit maintenance, spare parts supply, etc. The units produced by KEPBER by LEEGA all use international brand engines and generators with excellent quality. Through ten years of product development and technology accumulation, Lega’s products gradually become more mature. In order to meet the different needs of customers worldwide, we will renovate continuously technologies and improve products. 

The new POWER LINE-LG Series generators offer total, reliable and continuous power with a higher load factor as well as competitive fuel consumption rates. Incorporating KEPBER by LEEGA innovative technology, the POWER LINE-LG Series range enables a seamless integration that allows versatile system confgurations for optimal performance.

Today, KEPBER by LEEGA provides integrated solutions to streamline the specifying process. Our industrial generators are diesel-fueled modelsranging from 5 kVA to 3,300 kVA @ 50 Hz (11 kW to 3200 kW @ 60 Hz) complete with electronic controls and automatic transfer switches. To help cater to unique installation environments, we also offer a range of accessories, including controls, silencers,enclosures, fuel tanks and block heaters.

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