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KEPBER - Plus+3, is Intelligent PDU is a new generation of intelligent power distribution solutions for rack-mounted electrical equipments. Smart PDU units
to provide fully function for network management interface and integrate a variety of particle function In order to meet the performance requirements
of the user to remote monitoring PDU.Support 220 or 380 V input power supply, order electric, monitor and control each output interface.
It can be detect and shunt voltage, current, power, power factor and etc. It can show and monitor a critical environment ( Temperature, Humidity
Smoke detect, Rack door open/close, etc ) It can set the threshold of temperature & humidity.
Smart PDU has a LCD monitor can display Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power factor and Electric value such as data information.


Key Features:
1. Built-in web server, allow different user (administrator, manager, user) to monitor the real time of the current consumption of the power strip.
2. Real time to control each outlet of PDU.
3. Build-in true RMS current meter.
4. Setup easily, meter can read the IP address directly.
5. Provide audible alarm when the power consumption over the setting of warning and overload.
6. Send the email and traps when the power consumption exceeds the trigger value of warning or overload to the PDU.
7. Provide utility, it can monitor a large amount of PDU at the same time.
8. Support the SNMP and provide MIB for the PDU to be monitored by NMS.
9. Provide power protection by surge protection ,mini circuit breaker with cover (optional)
10. Remotely manage outlets so users can turn outlets off that are not in use.
11. Define alarm thresholds in order to avoid overloaded circuits.
12. Rename the output port name, ON-delay, OFF-delay, the default settings.
13. Slim size is suitable for the variety of rack to use.
14. Set the threshold of outlets & total load current.
15. Support the power on sequence.
16. Output oultet available for 10,16,20,24 outlet and plug locking.
17. Input power plug IEC 309 (male) options available
18. Indicate each outlet status with LED.
19. UL/CE Listed.

Alarm function
Custom alarm : When the total load current exceeds its threshold,, load current of each output unit exceeds its threshold, and Temperature/Humidity exceeds its threshold.
System default alarm : When the total load current exceeds the rated value, load current of each output unit exceeds the rated value,Temperature/Humidity exceeds the rated value, Water leak occurs, Smoke occurs and Access open.
Multiple alarms method : Buzzer beeps, Front color to red when view work state, Email automatically sent to system
administrator or SNMP sent trap alarm information

Aluminum alloy shell + PC (poly carbonate) socket.
(Basically the industry is more ABS + PC, PC material cost is higher than the cost of materials ABS and ABS + PC,
which features also are different.).
Color available, Red, Yellow, Blue or Black.     


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