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About Us

Abit multisystem Co.,ltd. founded in 2006 bussiness in Data center Consulting, Design and Construction Services Information technology is exploding at exponential rates and the need for high availability and reliability of Mission Critical facilities is growing 
proportionally. The cornerstone of an effective data center lays in the infrastructure
that powers, cools, and protects it. Abit Multisystem Co.,ltd.  provides the full services of Consulting, Design and Construction to provide critical facilities and specialized infrastructure. The nation’s leading Information Technology organizations depend on.
Abit Multisystem Co.,ltd. for the development of their Mission Critical Data, Operations and Communications Centers. The firm’s reputation lies in its depth of experience and
being one of the industry's most respected mission-critical systems solution providers
for data centers and other mission-critical facilities.
We offer a full service approach to your data center or critical needs including facility
assessments and risk analysis, design and construction management, and integrated
testing and commissioning. Abit Multisystem Co.,ltd. has provided added value to its clients by being able to bring the integrated design build approach to mission critical facilities. This offers efficient and timely results to meeting the industries demanding budget and schedule requirements.


Abit Multisystem Co.,ltd. is uniquely qualified to help businesses assess their data center or computer room and support infrastructure risks, provide recommendations for improvement and offer accurate project cost estimating and guidance throughout implementation. ​



The solutions are designed in consultation with customer keeping scalability in sight. Customer can utilize the Data Centre for future requirements based on the demand from the business growth with minimum disruption to the current running infrastructure.


The solutions are designed with various latest technologies and standards which confirms the service level guarantees and better operating environment to IT Setup.


The solutions are designed based on the TIER and TIA 942 Specifications and other leading industry practices to avoid single point of failure which ensures the continuation availability of the mission critical infrastructure of the Customers.

Energy Saving And Environment Friendliness:

Utmost care and consideration is taken while architecting the design and in the selection of manufacturing Standards to ensure the energy savings and environmental friendly initiatives.

    Abit Multisystem Co.,ltd.  

  1. Design/Build/Renovate  Construction

  2. Electrical/Communication/Data Cable

  3. Network/Communication/Server Rack cabinet

  4. Raised floor/Office floor

  5. Access door control

  6. Air condition system

  7. Fire suppression and protection

  8. Environment alarm & monitoring system

  9. CCTV/Security system

  10. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  11. Generator set

  12. KVM switch

  13. Data safe

  14. Rack cabinet

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