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Committed to creating a good work with reliable, fast service, flexibility,  a last technology, reasonable price, energy saving and high security.

Green Data center Solutions​ 

for a more secure environment


we supply a new technology to customer

Data center air cooling system

Climaveneta, a leading brand in HVAC and HPAC with more than 40 years’s experience provides energy efficient heating, air conditioning and data center cooling solutions 

Fire suppression & protection

SEVO Systems is a manufacturer of waterless fire protection utilizing 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid in many industries including oil, marine, power station, telecom and electrical data and control..

Environment mornitoring

Didactum® and AVTECH software  offers intelligent monitoring solutions for the Environmental and IT Monitoring.

Uninterruptible power supply

Kohler Modular UPS for the safety of medium and large computer centers as data centers, banks, hospitals and industrial plants.

Raised floor & accessories

FlorTEK can be combined with many other systems, offering a great degree of flexibility.

It is perfectly suited for the use in technical rooms, server rooms and data center.

Water leak system

ProH2O leak detection cable can be run on the floor utilizing our adhesive backed easy to use “Quick Clips” near sensitive equipment, in low areas or anywhere water may enter the environment.


Thermal Radar

Spynel-M is not less reliable : Spynel-M is a high-resolution 360° thermal camera, acting as an infrared radar. Spynel family operates with Cyclope,  advanced intrusion detection software.


Dual Detection Barrier

ABSOLUTE PRO™ perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) is a high security IP based modular Dual Technology barrier that combines unique new digital bi-directional with optical synchronization IR beam and digital microwave technologies within one unit.



Fiber optic TPI detection

The FiberPatrol FP7000X for pipeline TPI detection uses fiber optic cable buried along the pipeline to detect and locate ground vibrations and acoustic signatures associated with TPI activity.

1. Design Data center

2. Inplement Data center

3. Service & Maintenance Data center

We’re putting our experience to work for you

To build complete data center solutions that can scale locally or globally to solve the complex needs of today’s large enterprises and cloud companies. We can integrate our patented infrastructure technology into your existing facilities, or we can deliver a new data center to suit your specifications.

Helping you find the right Data center solutions.

ABIT MULTISYSTEM is a full service wholesale distributor and integrator of critical power support systems, generator set, lighting and surge protection, precision cooling, digital data loggers, data cable, fire protection - suppression and much more.


ABIT MULTISYSTEM is specialties include complete turnkey project services – engineering, installation, and project management; bringing the complete solution to the customer from start to finish.


The following issues are critical to the process of building and maintaining cost-effective network infrastructure solutions for data centers:

    • Uptime and TIA 942 is the key metric by which network reliability is measured, and can be               defined as the amount of time the network is available without interruption to                                   application environments. The most common service interruptions to the physical layer result       from operational changes.

    • Scalability and Flexibility When designing a data center, network designers must balance                 today’s known scalability and flexibility requirements with tomorrow’s anticipated user                     demands. Power, Cooling ,Traffic loads and bandwidth/distance requirements will continue to       vary throughout the data center, which ranslates to a need to maximize your Data center               infrastructure and network investment.

    • Security A key purpose of the data center is to house mission critical applications in a reliable,       secure environment. Environmental security comes in many forms, from blocking                             unauthorized access to monitoring system connectivity at the physical layer. Overall, the                 more secure your network is, the more reliable it is.

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